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Is Butter-flavored Lip Balm the New Trend?

Posted by ilovelippy on October 19, 2011

The only time I like butter is when it’s melted on my toast. And if there’s too much or if it’s clumpy, I won’t eat it. The site of unmelted butter makes me a bit queasy. So when I discovered that Food Network chef Paula Deen is selling butter-flavored lip balm, I nearly gagged. That’s right, the queen of southern cooking is selling this flavored lip balm in her Savannah, Ga. retail store, in addition to peach cobbler, pecan pie, pumpkin pie and other pie and pudding flavored lip balm. Now as you know from previous posts, I’m not anti-flavored lip balm. I think vanilla, chocolate and even candy-flavored balms can be enjoyable for you and your kissing mate, particularly since we ingest pounds of lip products over our lifetime. But does butter cross the line? Are we promoting this heart-clogging condiment a little too much?


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