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Brilliant and Fun Lippy Packaging

Posted by ilovelippy on October 10, 2011

When walking into Sephora or my local drug store with the intention of seeking out a new favorite lippy, one of the things that reels me in is some of the creative packaging ideas companies are using to get me to buy their product. And let me tell you, it’s working. Here are some of my favorite beauty brands and their genius ideas for making their lippies unique.

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss not only lets you undress your man with a swivel of the tube (thanks to hologram technology), but it’s super slim, so it won’t bulge if you need to carry it in your pocket (or small makeup bag). This lip gloss, which comes in three shades, goes on super smooth sans stick (now, try applying and saying that 10 times fast).

Balmshell Lip Gloss comes in very unique packaging. Depending on the shade you chose (from sheer milky pink to vibrant lavender to clear glitter), the tube contains a moving illustration with a story line. Example: Shopaholic is the story of a woman who has an addiction — ahem — to shopping…most likely for lip gloss. She goes into a boutique for a few things, and comes out with her doorman carrying her purchases. Once you’ve used up all the lip gloss, the handle can be unscrewed and re-attached to the keychain that comes with the product.  It’s super cute, a good conversation starter and comes in a variety of colors — and stories.

This next one isn’t as much about packaging as it is about being brilliant and thoughtful to women’s needs. Philosophy Amazing Grace  pink lip gloss and roll-on fragrance duo is genius for us on-the-go girls. Heading out to a date right after work? Slick on this pretty pink lip gloss and roll on this clean and feminine scent in your cab ride and you’ll be ready to go.


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Lippy Guest Post: Story of a Former Lippy Addict

Posted by ilovelippy on March 17, 2011

Since I Love Lippy launched (try saying that 10 times fast), lippy suggestions have been pouring in from my amazing fellow lippy lovers. My good friend, Lippy Stacey, was kind enough to share her personal story of overcoming lippy addiction. Read on for Stacey’s story!

Hi everyone. My name is Stacey and I was a lip gloss addict.  I love Lippy Lauren, but she is def an addict, which is fabulous for all you readers because her advice will be spot on!

A few years ago, I was hardcore addicted to any product I could slather over my lips. Clear gloss, flavored balms, colors that lasted three days, jars, pots, tubes, — you name it. I kept at least 10 variations in each of my handbags.  I could not go 10 minutes without applying something to my lips. I was once so desperate, I put olive oil straight from the bottle on my lips.

Not only did I need to have my lips covered when I was awake, but I also had a special gloss in a flat pot that was my night balm.

I decided one day that the addiction had to stop, so I quit cold turkey. This proved to be an awful idea. My lips rebelled and started to peel, crack and bleed. The pain was intense and I was twitching for my lippy crack.  Instead of going back ,I switched over to Vaseline. Pure Vaseline felt like heaven so I put that on instead. It was all I allowed myself to use so of course I bought it in squeeze tubes and jars. Slowly, I weaned myself off of the Vaseline.

Recently, I was in a few weddings (including Lippy Lauren’s!) and had my makeup done.  The artist put very pretty gloss on my lips and as soon as she touched the wand to my lips, all the feelings came back and I wanted more the next day. I tried to leave them alone but my lips had already had a taste, so they peeled and cracked in revolt!

To avoid the dangerous road ahead, I found a new product that would heal my lips for good: Aquaphor Lip Repair. It’s a cousin of Vaseline but I am happy to say I have no addiction to it! I use it sparingly at night, particularly when my lips feel windburn or a little dry, and they are perfectly smooth in the am without having to reapply anything.  This product is my recommendation to those afraid of becoming addicted.  For everyone else, keep coming back to I Love Lippy to read all about the latest and greatest products and advice!

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