I Love Lippy

Pucker up and get the perfect pout

Lip Tips

Quick Lip Tips and Tricks:

While you should always keep lippy on hand to moisturize lips, take a dry toothbrush (soft-bristle only) and gently brush off any dead skin from lips. The last thing you want is for dead skin to appear in shades of pink, red and berry.

Practice your smile! Don’t like the way you look in pics? Spend 5 minutes practicing different smiles in the mirror, and remember the way it feels when you smiled your favorite smile. Or, watch your favorite comedy, and look at yourself when you smile naturally. (Try this in the privacy of your own bedroom!)

Going big and bold with your lip color? Go natural with the rest of your makeup (eyes and cheeks). You don’t want to send the wrong message or look like a hooker (or someone who just starred in a Broadway show).

Do NOT use face or body sunscreen on the lips! Purchase lip balm with SPF of 15 or higher  instead, and make sure you reapply throughout the day.

Spring is all about bright lips: orange, red, pink. To avoid looking foolish or overdone, keep the rest of your look casual, from your hair to the other areas of your face. Sometimes, a bright lip goes best with a crisp white T-shirt.

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