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Halloween Costumes That Go Great With Lippy

Posted by ilovelippy on October 20, 2011

Halloween celebrations will begin next week, when the boys will be slackers with their costumes and the ladies will use this day as an excuse to grab their shortest skirts and tightest top. If you don’t have your costume ready yet, why not build one based on your favorite lippy color? Here are some ideas for trendy Halloween costumes that incorporate lip colors for fall.

1. Vampire: With the popularity of “True Blood” and the premiere of “Breaking Dawn” just weeks away, grab your fake teeth and some blood-red lipstick for the vampire costume. Use powder to make your face appear pale, throw on a bit of black mascara and fill in your lips with a deep red matte lipstick (think female version of Edward Cullen). Try: Tarte for True Blood™ Limited-Edition LipSurgence™ Natural Lip Tint. This red shade, inspired by the hit show, will provide lips with a natural tint of of red. It’ll be a bloody good costume (as they say in England).

2. Sexy Pumpkin. We all know by now that burnt orange, or versions of the shade, are hot for fall. Incorporate this this trend into your costume by dressing as a sexy pumpkin. Monochromatic dressing can be very slimming, and this color on the lips works surprisingly well with almost every skin tone. Top your look with a cute green hat. Think pumpkins can’t be sexy? Skip the puffy figure-unflattering look and instead, dress in orange and carry a cute pumpkin purse or clip a charm onto your purse, like the one designed by Juicy Couture. Last but certainly not least, for your shade of orange lippy, try: Nars lip gloss in Wonder (sheer mandarin orange with pink and gold shimmer). 

3. 80s chick. The 80s are back — well, they have been for a while. So why not really channel that carefree, get-up-and-dance decade with a side ponytail, legwarmers and a cut T-shirt, topped with neon makeup and fuchsia lippy. Try: Benefit ultra shines lip shine in back to the fuchsia. The color is a perfect shade of hot pink (80s style) and the shimmer will take lips to the next level. Besides, who doesn’t think glitter and shimmer when thinking about the 80s?

Happy Halloween!


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How to Wear Fuchsia Lippy

Posted by ilovelippy on May 11, 2011

There’s no denying the hot lip color for spring right now is fuchsia. If you want to go bold and experiment with this vivid hue, there are a few rules to first follow. To wear fuchsia lippy:

1. Use black around the eye. Using any colored eye shadow or mascara while wearing fuchsia lippy will put too much color on your face. Instead, opt for black eye makeup, and even when using black, go easy on the eye makeup to be easy on the eyes.

Favorite fuchsia lippy #1: Korres Liquid Lipstick in Fuchsia. It looks like a lip gloss, feels like a lip gloss, is applied like a lip gloss, but has the finish of a lipstick. Plus, it contains moisturizing Acai Palm Pulp Oil.

4. Hydrate, exfoliate. When you wear a bright color like fuchsia on your lips, it’s one of the first things people will notice about you. So how embarrassing will it be if your fuchsia lips are cracked, flaking or peeling? Before applying color, make sure you moisturize lips with a super moisturizer (see: i love lippy’s Best Moisturizing Lip Balms). Exfoliate lips every few days by gently brushing with a clean, dry toothbrush in circular motion. Then apply, without fear of unsightly fuchsia flaking.

Favorite fuchsia lippy #2: Benefit Ultra Shines Lip Shine in back to the fuchsia. This shimmery color is great for girls who want to transition into the fuchsia world, but are hesitant to go full-on with lipstick.

3. Top off with a gloss. Apply a coat of clear gloss after applying the lip color to mute it just a bit, especially if your a fuchsia lippy virgin. It’s better to ease your way into bright colors. Try Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss. It will add a layer of shine while ever so slightly toning down your color.


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