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Brilliant and Fun Lippy Packaging

Posted by ilovelippy on October 10, 2011

When walking into Sephora or my local drug store with the intention of seeking out a new favorite lippy, one of the things that reels me in is some of the creative packaging ideas companies are using to get me to buy their product. And let me tell you, it’s working. Here are some of my favorite beauty brands and their genius ideas for making their lippies unique.

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss not only lets you undress your man with a swivel of the tube (thanks to hologram technology), but it’s super slim, so it won’t bulge if you need to carry it in your pocket (or small makeup bag). This lip gloss, which comes in three shades, goes on super smooth sans stick (now, try applying and saying that 10 times fast).

Balmshell Lip Gloss comes in very unique packaging. Depending on the shade you chose (from sheer milky pink to vibrant lavender to clear glitter), the tube contains a moving illustration with a story line. Example: Shopaholic is the story of a woman who has an addiction — ahem — to shopping…most likely for lip gloss. She goes into a boutique for a few things, and comes out with her doorman carrying her purchases. Once you’ve used up all the lip gloss, the handle can be unscrewed and re-attached to the keychain that comes with the product.  It’s super cute, a good conversation starter and comes in a variety of colors — and stories.

This next one isn’t as much about packaging as it is about being brilliant and thoughtful to women’s needs. Philosophy Amazing Grace  pink lip gloss and roll-on fragrance duo is genius for us on-the-go girls. Heading out to a date right after work? Slick on this pretty pink lip gloss and roll on this clean and feminine scent in your cab ride and you’ll be ready to go.


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The Perfectionist Lippy

Posted by ilovelippy on July 27, 2011

Most of us don’t sit at home while we apply lippy; we’re usually at the office, at dinner, at a bar, at a party…you get the gist. While we may apply our initial coat in front of the bathroom mirror, unless you’ve chosen a long-lasting lippy, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to reapply while on-the-go. If you don’t want to end up with an uneven lip product application, try one of these lippies with a built-in mirror, making application a cinch.

Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Balms, available at Sephora, are available in colors that will take  you on a great escape from Bora Bora (a sheer cherry red) to St. Barth (a sheer lilac sheen) to Waikiki (a sheer bright pink). Not only do these balms have a built-in mirror, but it also hydrates and smooths lips with ingredients like vitamin C and E.

For a lipstick splurge, Guerlain Rouge G Le Brilliant comes in a handy compact which contains a “hidden” mini-mirror that allows for easy application. Available in a variety of shades, the downside is the $45 price tag.

For “mirror-like” shine, look no further than Philosophy Angel Kiss Lip Gloss, in the color of grace. I’m a fan of subtle pink lips, and this product glides on pretty smoothly.

Of course, you could just opt to carry around a separate purse-sized mirror, but what fun is that?


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Lippy for All Your Summer Activities

Posted by ilovelippy on June 2, 2011

During the summer, we tend to be out and about, going from one event to another, or one day trip to another. But all this running around doesn’t mean that you should forget about keeping your lips luscious and healthy. So, I bring you my lippy recommendations for any summer occasion.

1. If you’re spending the day hanging out by the pool or beach, you need a lippy that contains SPF of at least 15 — end of discussion. I recommend a clear gloss to complete any beachy look. Try Philosophy Kiss Me SPF 20 in clear, which has a peppermint flavor should you need to be rescued by a lifeguard (mouth to mouth, anyone?)

2. If you’re off to a romantic picnic in the park, or perhaps meeting friends, you’ll want a lightweight gloss in a fun, daytime color. I love Lancome Juicy Tubes, which are available in a variety of colors, depending on your mood or skin tone. I recommend Touched by Light, which is a sheer champagne color — perfect for daytime — with subtle shimmer for extra shine (the sunlight will reflect off your lips).

3. If you’ve been invited to a friend’s backyard barbeque, I suggest flavor over bold color. Think about it: You’ve just finished sinking your teeth into your burger and dog with a side of corn. You’re stuffed, but out comes dessert. Skip it, reach for your lippy, and get a similar sense of satisfaction with a fruit- or dessert-flavored lip gloss. Try Bath and Body Works Sheer Lip Gloss in flavors such as Strawberry Parfait, Frozen Daiquiri, Coconut Mango or Pineapple Juice.

4. If you’re spending the day on a boat (lucky you!), it’s essential that you find a non-sticky lippy so you’re not eating your hair all day as it blows in the breeze. That means no MAC Lipglass, ladies. In fact, stay away from lip gloss altogether; they all have some degree of stickiness. Opt instead for a tinted lip conditioner that will protect your pout from the wind while enhancing lip color. Try Avon Healthy Makeup Lip Conditioner SPF 15 in rose, which hydrates and tints lips a natural pink hue.

5. If you’re attending a summer wedding, check out I Love Lippy’s Wedding Lippy recommendations!

Enjoy your fun in the sun.


5. Boat ride: need the most non-sticky lip product so hair doesn’t get caught

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Smelly Lippy: Scents that Smell and Taste Great

Posted by ilovelippy on March 18, 2011

Have you ever put on a lippy to achieve a specific result, only to accidentally lick your lips and get that dry, icky taste in the back of your throat? Yeah, I hear you. Fortunately, cosmetics companies have experienced that too, as there are many lippies on the market now which not only smell nice, but taste great too! (Warning: when using these products, no kissing allowed before dinner. If your significant other is hungry, he or she may just bite your lips off from sheer delight). These are not snacks or meal replacements!

Here are my favorite smelly lippies:

Philosophy High-gloss, High-flavor Lip Shine comes in a huge variety of scents, from chewy chocolate lollipop (a personal favorite) to vanilla birthday cake (also delicious, but very sweet) to melon daiquiri, and everything in between. At $10 each, these are a steal, so why not pick up a few depending on your mood?

I had mentioned in my previous video post that Kiehl’s makes a great smelly lippy gift set. It’s called the Kiehl’s Lip Balm Set (tough to remember), and comes in Vanilla, Cranberry, Mango and Coconut. Watch my video for more information!

Another favorite is L’oreal Colour Juice Sheer Lip Gloss. Try the Pina Colada to instantly be taken to your favorite tropical destination, or the Iced Latte when a Starbucks run is not an option in your busy schedule.

You should know by now that I’m a little bit in love with C.O. Bigelow’s line of lippy (particularly their mint lippies which freshen breath! Ingenious!) But they also make yummy lippies that contain mentha, such as C.O. Bigelow Berry Bellini and Mango Mimosa. (Is anyone thirsty yet?)

Finally, if you want to embrace your youth (and not embrace your wallet, as much), try Lip Smacker‘s line of fun flavored lippies, including Skittles, M&Ms and Dr. Pepper & Friends. Each one is packed with color and moisturizing ingredients, and they glide on super smooth.

You’ll start to see an instant response from your significant other upon immediate application of any one of these flavored lippies, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Kisses for everyone,

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