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Moving? Makeup Bag Lippy Essentials

Posted by ilovelippy on November 15, 2011

Lippy lovers, I apologize for being a bit flaky these past few weeks (not on my lips, of course, but with my postings, or lack thereof). I’m taking the plunge and moving out of NYC into the (very) nearby suburbs of New Jersey – and I mean right outside of the tunnel. Of course, this move has occupied much of my time, but as I’ve been boxing up my belongings the past few weeks, it forced me to make the important decision of – what do I need now versus what do I want. What can be boxed up for two to three weeks, and what must I have now, which includes my makeup products, and specifically, lippies. If you’ve found yourself in this predicament (and if you’re anything like me and normally have at least 10 lippies on-hand), here are my recommendations for four must-have makeup bag lippy essentials.

1. A clear gloss. A good, clear gloss does more than make lips shine: It actually gives lips the illusion of looking fuller, since the shine in the gloss reflects light and creates dimension. I recently became slightly addicted to Sephora’s Clear Glossy Gloss. While it doesn’t have the staying power of comparables like Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss or MAC Clear Lipglass, it does have just as much shine and comes in a more non-sticky formula (the reason behind a longer lasting gloss).

2. A moisturizing balm. This may seem like an obvious choice, but many may substitute this staple for a clear gloss. While some glosses do have moisturizing ingredients, they’re still a gloss and their main purpose is not to moisturize. For an anytime balm that creates serious smoothness, both in application and aftermath, try Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness. It leaves lips feeling super nourished with just a hint of shine.

3. A signature, go-to colored gloss. A color I think works on everyone is a sheer coral, which can be layered nicely with your clear gloss if you desire extra shine. This gloss can be worn during the day — in the office or walking around town. Try Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pur in Pure Coral.

4. A signature, go-to lipstick. You’re bound to be going out at night at least once in the time that you’re on-the-move, so it’s crucial to have one color that can work with almost any outfit choice. Since you could be wearing anything from navy to red to turquoise to berry, now isn’t the best time to pick the most adventurous color. Instead, like choosing a hair color, stick with a shade no more than two hues away from your natural lip color, such as rose or beige. Remember, if you choose a more natural color, you can really play up your eyes with dramatic liner and lashes. Try Revlon Colorburst Lipstick, which leaves lips feeling creamy yet light.


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Waterproof Lippy

Posted by ilovelippy on June 10, 2011

Last night in NYC we had one of the heaviest, windiest storms complete with some serious downpour that I’ve seen in a while. Whether you’re caught in a similar flood situation or taking a dip in the pool to beat the heat this summer, why sacrifice the work you put into making your lips look lovely? Instead, invest in a long-lasting or waterproof formula. If your hair is going to look a mess, your lips should still look perfect.

Remember the water paints you used to use in art class? The Balm Cosmetics is bringing that experience to your makeup with their For Keeps Watercolor Lip Stain. All you have to do is dip the lip brush in water (which is included in the set), mix it with the product (available in pinks/reds or browns/berries) and apply! Because the product goes on with water, it stays on when wet!

Prestige Cosmetics offers up a Waterproof Automatic Lipliner (meaning you don’t need to worry about sharpening a pencil). The applicator is soft, and can be used as your full lip lippy — no other products needed. Plus, its waterproof formula means long-lasting.

You can also always, choose a long-lasting lip color, such as Revlon’s Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor, which boasts 16 hours of color. This dual-ended product works double duty with its color and one side, moisturizer on the other.

Now, there’s not need to fret when wet.


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Matching Lippy to Your Outfit

Posted by ilovelippy on April 4, 2011

Recently, I spotted a picture of the fabulous, fierce, and after dropping many sizes, super fashionable Jennifer Hudson during a performance for AOL Music’s “Sessions.” She looked amazing, wearing a skin-tight black bustier, girly hot pink mini skirt, and matching “it” lip color of the moment — hot pink. The question then popped up: should you match your lip color to your outfit?

The answer is YES, it is acceptable these days! But certain rules do apply.

1. Avoid wearing bright lip color and a matching bright top. Jennifer works the look by balancing her skirt and lips with a black top. Do not match your lippy to your top half, which includes a dress. For a hot pink lippy like Jennifer Hudson’s, try Dior Addict Lipstick in Collection 865 (fuchsia) or Reflet 763 (sheer hot pink). It’s creamy and hydrating, so it won’t wear off in weird places, and has plumping ingredients!

2. Match your lippy to your accessories! There’s nothing wrong choosing a pretty beige shade for your lips and shoes, or going fire engine red with your pout and purse. Again, it’s all about minimal matching. Try Nars lipstick containing moisturizing vitamin E in Belle de Jour (sheer nude beige) or Blonde Venus (satin cool beige), and pair with your favorite pumps!

3. Nail colors for spring are just as bold as lip colors, so why not make a real statement? Lips and nails are far enough away from each other, you’ll be able to avoid a tacky look. While not my favorite, if you’re up for trying something new, go for a coral lippy and nail polish. Try Essie‘s tart deco, which is a creamy coral and Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in Coral Reef, which gives a high shine look.


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