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Easy Ways to Improve Your Smile

Posted by ilovelippy on October 26, 2011

Did you know the majority of men are attracted to a woman’s sense of humor and her warm, flirtatious smile? Yet most women are more concerned with their hair or facial appearance. The reality is, people tend to notice particularly nice smiles — or particularly unattractive ones. A smile full of yellowing teeth can throw off even the most beautiful women. It’s a bit unpleasant to think about, but it’s also quite common — some people simply don’t know how to keep their teeth clean, white and healthy. For some help with this, and for information on consulting dental professionals, check out www.TopDentists.com. In the meantime, here are a few easy ways to keep your teeth white, and your smile beautiful.

  • Identify the culprits. The first step is to avoid habits that dirty your teeth. For example, smoking is a major cause of stained or dirty teeth. Additionally, some foods and drinks, such as blueberries, soda and coffee, can have a long-term staining effect on teeth. If you can’t fully cut back on these, make sure to brush your teeth immediately after consuming these foods and drinks.
  • Stock up on smile-friendly foods. There are also foods that can help to keep your teeth strong, healthy and bright. For example, foods that are rich in calcium, such as dairy products, strengthen your bones — including teeth. Even some teas on the market can help, as tea leaves are rich in calcium. Fruits such as lemons and other citrus varieties can also serve as natural whiteners for teeth. It’s not a complete fix, but hey, can’t hurt to try.
  • Try teeth whiteners. Changing your brushing habits can help you to whiten teeth. Many people turn to baking soda, which is proven to have a certain polishing affect on teeth. Brushing with only baking soda can be a bit uncomfortable, so look into baking soda-based toothpastes.

If you have a real staining problem, or if you simply want to ensure the most healthy and beautiful smile you can get, consider taking your routine a step further and talk to a dental professional. There are tooth cleaning and cosmetic dentistry methods specifically designed to enhance and preserve whiteness, and you would do well to inquire about them if this is a concern of yours.

Now smile, beautiful!

Note: This is a guest advertorial post written by www.topdentists.com. These tips were not written by Lippy Lauren, but I agree with the importance of the topic discussed and recommendations.

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